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We are the sash window repairs company that you can rely on for the best restoration service in Brighton. Anything North of the Brighton Pier we will help you.

If you need a sash window repair and you’re within 40 miles of Brighton, please get in touch with our professional team. On the call, we can begin to give free advice (where viable) and from there, we can arrange a free site visit and written quotation.

Read on to see our repair and restoration process. We take restoration seriously and go the extra mile when renovating sash windows…

The 20 Point Sash Window Repair Process in Brighton

We have over 20 parts to our sash window restoration process. This is how comprehensive our repairs are.

To us, there isn’t really any competition for our sash window restoration service. We accept that other companies might be on our level (for example, All Sash Windows Brighton and The Sash Window Company in Bracknell), but no one can really top our level of finish.

When getting a full restoration from our company, which focuses on quality restorations, you can’t get your window looking more brand new than we could possibly make it.

How do we achieve such an impeccable finish?

A fool proof process!

Let’s have a look at the process in more detail. Perhaps at some point we’ll do a blog writeup on how exactly the process goes with images and a true breakdown. Below we’ll post a general description so you get the gist of how a full renovation works.

Honestly, there are probably more parts than described below as each window normally has its own unique complexities, but this gives you a good idea of the skeleton of how our restorations work.

The process:

1. Getting ready. Secure the work area using sheets and remove everything in and around the work area.

2. Let’s take the window apart. Firstly we get take off the staff bead. Then we take off the lower and upper sash, making to release the parting bead in-between removing the lower and upper sash.

3. Let’s restore your sashes. First we’ll get rid of any paint excessiveness. Then we can route in your draught proofing to get rid of any rattle, cold breezes and noise. Putty is then removed and new putty is added. Broken glazing is repaired. All of the major joints are reinforced then closed off. Any sort of blemish or damage is repaired. Lastly, we make sure the sash is ready to be decorated and decorate it.

4. Now to look at the weight box and the outer frame. We remove any rot (this is likely) and start to clean your wood. After we’ve got rid of this, we apply wood treatment and primer to your timber. Most of the paintwork is then stripped away. Filler is used to repair minor holes and blemishes. If any of the casement’s timber is damaged, we’ll splice in sections of hardwood for an even finish.

5. Then we work on the functionality. This involves working on the sash cord and pulley system to make sure everything is correctly balanced.

6. Final touches. Next, we make sure the box and outer frame gets a full decoration to finish it off. At this stage, both the sash and the outer casement will look seamless. Lastly, security features are added to the outer casement.

7. Putting it all back together. First, we hang the upper side of the sash on the fresh cords. Then the bead is inserted (weather resistant). Then we can hang the lower sash on the cords. Then we reinstall new staff beads (draught proof has been added here if you remember).

8. Finally, all of the very last touches can be added. The locks are first, then the lifter and sash stop limiters are installed…


That was a rough run through of the kind of restoration process we take each window through. We don’t cut corners.

Trying to make the repair is important to us.

We aren’t lazy and we don’t just settle for a replacement. We’ll try and retain the value of your window, get it fixed and get great savings over to you at the same time!

girl looking out of a sash window

Questions we get asked about our sash window repairs service in Brighton

We get loads of questions each week so here are some answers to those questions. If you want to know anything that isn’t answered below, please feel free to call us and ask any questions you have.

We might even be able to help you with your project on the first call – either way, we’re happy to chat and help where possible!

Do you have a warranty with your sash window repairs?

Like our sash window installations, we also have a warranty with our sash window repairs.

The kind of warranty you can get depends on the kind of sash window repairs you get. We wouldn’t offer a warranty on a window that wasn’t completely renovated by us.

If you want to limit what we’re doing on the renovation (understandable if on a budget or any other reasons) we might not be able to offer the warranty as normal as we can’t control a lot of the other variables.

If you have a full restoration service, we’re completely confident in our 20 part process that you can have up to 5 years warranty on a window that is fully renovated by us!

The exact terms of the warranty can be discussed during our free quote so that you know what you’re protected against.

Certainly, we aren’t going to duck and dive out of fixing your window if we’ve done something that has caused your windows to fail.

We’ll say it again – we’re all about restoration, so if we’ve renovated a window and something about what we’ve fixed has failed, we WANT to get it restored for you!

Giving things like warranty away are what show that you care about the people you work for and appreciate them choosing you.

What are your sash window prices?

As you might guess, there are a lot of considerations when trying to accurately gauge the price of a sash windows project. Fortunately, we offer a free quotation service at no obligation to you.

You can simply call us, get a free site survey booked in and we’ll figure out how much it will cost to repair or replace your sash windows in Brighton. As you might have guessed by our site so far, we have a bias for repair and restoration so you can expect to make excellent savings through our service.

Skill comes into play here as less skilled sash windows teams aren’t going to find repairs where we will.

Most sash window restorations are similar for homeowners in Brighton. Generally, cities in England tend to have an overarching theme of a style of sash window in their properties. Georgian is the overarching theme in England.

However, although the general sash window frame and style we’ll be working from is very similar, this doesn’t mean it’s easy for us to give general prices on our website.

We would love to have a checklist saying ‘draught proofing costs this, replacing sills costs this, sash windows in hove cost this much and sash windows in Brighton cost this much’. In reality, it’s not that simple.

As you’ll read above, we go through a 20 point process when carrying out a full repair on a sash window. Not every window presents itself to us needing a full restoration and plenty of our Brighton based clients have kept their windows in relatively good nick.

The considerations

So, the first consideration is, how many repairs do you need on your window? If we have to spend 3 hours on your sash windows compared to spending 8 hours on your sash windows, this is going to drastically change the price of your repair.

The second factor is the extent to which you want your window repaired. Some people just want their functionality fixed, or just the security fixed. Others want a full restoration.

If we had to generalise what our average sash window repairs are costing for homeowners in Brighton, we would say: anything from £200 – £1,000 per sash window.

The highest value sash window repair is indefinitely the full renovation. We will replace, splice, fix, redecorate and reinstall your window as if it was brand new. On top of that, we add a warranty of 5 years if you get a full repair.

That’s how confident we are in the windows we repair for our clients. It’s extremely rare that someone’s window fails within a 5 year time period.

Then we just let you know how often we think you should get maintenance on your window to save yourself having to get another massive repair or a total replacement installed.

Simply paying for the lowest priced repair to ‘patch’ your windows up will probably lead to more and more repairs as fundamental defences of the window will be weakened.

The joints might be weak, the paint might be flakey, your putty could be old and useless and the list goes on. Go for the full renovation to essentially get brand new windows, while preserving the timber, value and heritage of your windows! They look excellent.

a sash window straight after a repair

Are you on Checkatrade?

We’ve seen that plenty of other sash window company’s in Brighton are on Checkatrade. It’s inspired us to join too!

The interface looks good and it’s another opportunity for us to showcase our great work and great reviews then we’re all ears.

The reviewing system helps you to only get reviews from clients that have actually used your service (rather than someone just trying to decimate your name for no reason) and they can also leave a score for how we performed.

The metrics seem to be quality, tidiness, punctuality and politeness. All things that we excel in so we’re looking forward to joining!

Will you install double glazed sash windows for my property?

Please read our double glazing sash windows page to understand why we don’t install double glazed sash windows.

We do not believe that they are inline with our service as wanting to be a restoration company that focuses on longevity and protecting heritage. We do not see them working in the context of sash window restoration.

Will you carry out sash window repairs for a commercial property?

Although most of our small projects are sash window repair projects for homeowners in Brighton, our larger jobs tend to be for private clients with large, sort of stately looking homes with multiple windows.

As these clients get to know us that also like the sound of us carrying out other works for them like their kitchens, living rooms and other things related to joinery. We only offer this to existing clients though.

Anyway, yes, we are always open to working on commercial premises. If it involves sash windows in Brighton, there’s a possibility it can involve us too. Just get in touch if you have a commercial premises with sash windows that need repairing. We would be happy to come and give you a free no obligation quote.

At the quote, we will no doubt offer our two cents on what might be the best steps moving forward with the project, even if you go with another sash window company. We simply want to be of service, and sometimes the only way we can help is through offering free advice!

Which areas do you cover?

We’re based in Brighton so this is where we mostly operate. There are so many sash windows in Brighton that it’s unbelievable. We can drive through sash windows and just count hundreds and hundreds.

Quite a few need repairs might we add. So yes, Brighton is the main place that we operate in.

Hove is a place that has a lot of sash windows, too. We spend plenty of time in Hove and it’s also quite overwhelming how many sash windows need repairs in Hove too!

To be fair to the locals here, we are often carrying out sash window repairs for homeowners in Hove, so people are proactive in protecting their windows here.

We’ll generally travel about 30 miles from Brighton for any project worth doing. In fact, we would even do a sash window repair job in London if the project was right for us.

We’ve been asked to do sash window work in London before, but the project wasn’t quite big enough to entice us. We already do large jobs in Brighton without having to go over to North London to carry out sash window repairs up there to. So really, we would consider going anywhere if the project was good enough.

The other area we frequent a lot is East Sussex. Brighton is obviously just on the cusp of East Sussex so it’s quite easy for us to get there and offer our excellent sash windows service to the people living there.

 sash windows with a shutter

What about other forms of glass and glazing?

We get asked this a surprising amount of times. Although, yes, we are working with glass almost every single day, it is usually in the context of a sash window repair somewhere in Brighton.

This does not mean we can do your office partitions for you and this does not mean that we can fit your windshield replacement. We have even been asked if we could carry out a window tinting service in Brighton at which we were flabbergasted.

Of course not! We don’t know a lot about cars, other than they get us to where we need to be!

We do know that Brighton Auto Glass aka Auto Glass Repair Brighton Co can fix your car windows. We’ve had scratches on our car windows before and been to these guys.

We deal with glass and so do these guys – but they would not have a clue how to repair a sash window’s glazing, likewise we have no idea what we’re doing with car glass…!

As we know from Brighton’s history of  settlement back to the Bronze Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon there are many buildings that need renewal. So if have a historic building or just a homeowner and need sash window repair get in touch with our Brighton team!