Sash Windows Hove

We are your local timber sash windows specialists serving Hove.

Get in touch if you would like one of our skilled tradesman to visit your property for a free site visit, survey and quotation. Only one of the team will come, never a salesman.

You can expect one of our 5 man team to show up to quote for any projects.

All of us have multiple years experience within the sash windows industry, with the founder having 13 years working exclusively on these heritage windows.

The team boasts over 40 years of experience combined in just sash windows work.

All works are welcomes in terms of size. A 5 man team is generally quite large for sash windows projects, so we’re accustomed to large, 20+ timber window jobs at a time.

This could be complete replacements or restoring the windows back to their former glory. Although these larger jobs are normally private clients, we can also deal with commercial projects.

For example, if your school or commercial property has double hung windows (another name for sash windows), we can repair or replace in these premises too.

These large jobs can be taken care of just as small, 2-3 sized window jobs can be taken care of. Small jobs are our bread and butter that we always have going on, revolving around our large projects we take on each year.

an office with sash windows in hove

Quality, quality, quality.

What makes us even more accustomed to taking on these larger works is the quality we bring to every job. Our sash windows company is serious about the work we do.

When completing a repair for any sort of sash window,  a whole window is normally going to take a full day and perhaps longer depending on the state of the window. To illustrate, we have the 20 point process…


The 20 point process for your Sash Windows in Hove

When calling us to repair your windows, your windows will be put through a 20+ point process to ensure they’re properly renovated.

Most sash window companies are going to skip stages, miss parts out, cut corners and so on. We want to do everything possible so your windows are refitted looking absolutely flawless.

Consistency is what keeps us quality!

We don’t know how this compares to the Ventrolla sash removal system, their cost per window or how good our reviews are compared to Ventrolla or any other mainstream company, but we know what we do is quality, always.

We do know that this kind of mentality (consistency creating quality) is carried out for all of our services.

From draught proofing through to reglazing, everything has a careful procedure signed to the process to guarantee quality.


Speak to us no matter how old, worn or damaged your windows are.

Clients ask us if we can help with their sash windows even though they’re from the Victorian era or the Georgian era. We assure you, it’s unlikely you will present a sash windows problem to us that we haven’t seen before. And if you did, we would welcome the challenge as something new!

Just no double glazed sash windows please! We go into detail on another page about how they do not align with our vision of providing a full restoration service. So if your sash windows need a renewal, get in touch with our Hove team today!