Sash Windows Brighton

We are ‘the sash windows company’ that you can turn to for any of your sash window requirements in Brighton. Brighton is known for its Regency-era buildings and we work on multiple projects where we are involved in renewing these types of properties.

‘Quality restoration’ is what we put ahead of everything. When we complete a repair or restoration project for a client in Brighton, the window needs to look like it never needed repairing; like it’s brand new.

This is the standard we hold ourselves to. These standards are maintained using our 20 point restoration process – consistency is what produces quality.

Feel free to call through to our friendly and professional team of sash window experts to see how we can best help you today. From there, we can book you in for a free site visit, survey and quotation.

Everything is free of charge and it’s a great way for you to introduce us to your project.

Only a sash windows restoration expert from the team will ever arrive at your property, never a glossy salesman that doesn’t know anything about these historical, character filled windows.

Upon completing all works, be it a small reconstruction project for a local homeowner, or a massive new sash windows replacement project for a conservation property somewhere in Brighton, our clients are always ecstatic with the final result.

sash window renovation at a restaurant


Most of our service is based around restoration.

These windows are largely hundreds of years old, so we have the task of reviving these windows to their former glory.

When carrying out a sash window repair in Brighton, we bring over 10 years experience in working purely with sash windows. We aren’t builders that do sash windows on the side.

We aren’t a company that doesn’t take sash windows seriously, because we do. It’s our livelihood, and our livelihood depends on creating excellent renovations and restorations to Brighton’s windows.

We love working with new people too, so we’re happy to be helping people at the same time.

New sash windows

Getting new sash windows can be a big deal. Sash window repairs in Brighton can be cost-effective but sometimes your windows are beyond repair. Which is when you need new sash windows.

Getting replacement sash windows created correctly is important when many windows are protected by conservation laws and regulations.

Our 4 man team is able to create exact replicas of the windows that existed before, complying with strict building laws and regulations.

We breeze past these and have never had an issue (where other companies will, especially people that don’t specialise in sash windows).

Need help?

Just get in touch if you need help with any sash window project. We’ve worked on 30+ window projects through to small, draught proofing services for just a couple of windows. Whatever your problem, we’d be happy to be the team that solves it for you!

Our team is friendly, punctual and professional, always.

lady looking out of a sash window

Frequently asked questions

We get asked loads of questions being one of the experts in sash windows in and around Brighton. Here are the answers to questions we frequently get asked:

Why won’t you work with double glazed sash windows?

We feel strongly about this topic. For anyone that doesn’t already know, we won’t create or fit double glazed sash windows anywhere in Brighton. This goes for modifications too.


Well, early on in our careers we would create double glazed sash windows for clients. There was a demand so we fulfilled that demand.

The problem? Sash windows are hundreds of years old. They were never designed to withstand the additional weight that double glazing inflicts on a window.

Double glazing (and the lovely suited salesman that came with them) never existing in those days.

With most sash windows from Brighton being these windows that were created hundreds of years ago, we get requests for us to modify their single paned sash window and turn it into a double glazed sash window.

And what followed was: the double glazed sash windows we were making for our Brighton based clients were starting to fail. Quickly.

By quickly, we mean within the first 3 years of creating the windows. At first we didn’t attest the failure of our windows to the fact they were mostly double glazes.

We thought it was a coincidence.

It certainly wasn’t a coincidence.

We performed research into double glazed sash windows and saw other people were also having trouble making them last. It’s a common theme. There are some companies out there that claim they have lasting double glazed sash windows, but we aren’t convinced.

All sash windows with over a 7mm thick pane of glass all fail within 5 years from our experience.

We created this company to be interested in one thing: restoration.

How can supplying a window that lasts such a short amount of time for a little better insulation ever be considered to be a restoration solution? The alternative (single paned sash window or with 7mm thick glass or less) could last well over 10 years.

Especially with our maintenance packages we propose during our site surveys (rough estimates of maintenance to keep your sash window alive and kicking!

Letting your windows get to the stage of major reconstruction or, worse yet, complete replacement will always indefinitely cost you more over time. 100%. Guaranteed. Fact!).

So that’s the reason we won’t make double glazed sash windows for our clients.

Not least the fact that, if we were to modify a single paned sash window to a double glazed sash window, we would have to totally destroy the window in order to make it strong enough to be able to hold the weight of the double glazing.

Most of the classic timber (if your windows really are old, no one can really get the same wood as was used back then, meaning your sash windows are probably worth more than you think) will have to be cutout in order to rebalance the sash so they can withstand the excess glass.

Our recommendation would be to keep your sash windows as intact as possible.

This is what we do for our clients. Provide them with solutions that encourage restoring what they have, all while retaining the value of their windows, not simply doing away with most of the timber for a short lived double glazing solution. Simply have your heater a little higher when it gets cold and you’ll be totally covered.

If you think about it, it’s going to cost you a lot more when your double glazed units eventually fail in the coming years. You’ll be annoyed at how quickly they failed. From there you either replace the window and see it fail again in the coming years or get new sash windows installed.

You can’t take that window back to single glazing.

We apologise to anyone that particularly wants double glazing. There must be other companies out there that will do this for you – this is simply our reasoning for not providing it as a service. It’s not inline with our idea of restoration.

sash window after a repair

Do Your Just Serve Brighton For Sash Windows

Although Brighton falls just short of East Sussex, our sash windows service extends to many locations there. The truth is, we will travel anywhere in the world if the project is good enough.

So if there is a good enough project in East Sussex, we’re more than happy to quote for and carry out the work you need doing.

There seems to be a particularly large amount of work over in Hastings as well as Eastbourne, so we’re usually in either of the areas at least once a month or every couple of months.

A good general rule of thumb is that we’re happy to visit any potential clients within a 40 mile radius of Brighton. This includes all of the major areas nearby and, indeed, into East Sussex.

We’re often carrying out sash window restoration somewhere in Hove as there are some really lovely sash windows in that area. The sea facing windows get especially battered and therefore probably last a little less time than other areas.

There’s that trade off that you could have sash windows in North London where you aren’t getting battered by the sea. This would mean you’d have less sash window repairs needed across your lifetime.

However, you’re going to make other sacrifices having sash windows in a place like North London. Firstly is the noise pollution, so you might have to have more draught proofing services anyway. Then you have to contend with things like pollution in general. Then the big downside is going to be the increased cost of each window reform you need anyway. London prices are obviously a lot more expensive than Brighton.

You work with glass. Do you offer any other glass services?

As we’re essentially glass and glazing experts as well as timber experts, we get all sorts of crazy glass requests.

No, we cannot provide you with a windshield replacement. It’s slightly worrying that we ever had this request in the first place. We are strictly a sash windows company that specialises in sash windows alone.

The team could probably lend their hand to all sorts of jobs. And yet, we simply want to specialise in these beautifully ornate, historic windows.

What was even more strange was being asked for a window tinting service in Brighton too! That’s something we definitely can’t lend our hands to, a windshield repair possibly could be at a stretch, but tinting is something we can’t say we can do.

For the good person that called us about this and anyone else that wants to in the future, we have some good news. We can recommend a company to sort this out for you! They are the Auto Glass Repair Brighton Co. Auto Glass Repair Co will do a great job if you ever need your windshield repaired or replaced. We know because that’s where we got ours done!

Are there any sash window specialists you can recommend in Brighton?

If you’re after more than just our quote, we get that. So, we’re happy to list some of the other reputable companies in Brighton. Everyone would lose out if you got a seemingly good quote from a cowboy sash window team in the area and they did a bosh job for you.

It’s in our interest for everyone to get sash window work, whether through us or another company. It’s a lot of hassle trying to undo someone’s terrible work in the future. We much prefer working on pleasurable projects, not dealing with clients that have been ripped off by someone in the industry.

The last thing we want is for you to be ripped off, even if you don’t go with us. We want to win jobs on merit, always. If we aren’t the team for you, no problem.

We at least want you to go with one of the other good companies (we’re certain we can’t be the only professional craftsman that take this trade seriously in Brighton). This will also protect the integrity of the sash windows tradesman community and indirectly help our name.

Therefore, let’s have a look at some of the other sash windows companies in and around the area that would be worth getting a quote from.

If you’re happy with the look of what we offer, by all means just go with us. Quality is guaranteed, we have warranties and we’re certain that our 20+ point restoration process solves every sash window problem out there.

So the first company you could speak to for a quote is The Sash Window Man. We don’t know too much about The Sash Window Man but they seem to have good reviews online.

They could be a good option to go and get a quote from too if you’re collecting. The other option is All Sash Windows Brighton, who are obviously also based in Brighton.

Although we have heard more about these guys, we still don’t know them personally.

Anything we have heard has been positive so we think it’s likely you’ll get a good honest quote from these guys. On top of that, the work they complete for you should be completed to a high degree too.

Essentially, we’re just trying to steer people away from the fools that claim to be sash windows specialists but actually have no idea how to reconstruct wooden sash windows in Brighton.

Not just anyone can do it. No handyman, joiner or builder would be able to simply ‘figure it out’ without assistance. Hopefully the extra names will help if you’re looking for more reliable quotations for your project!

house with new sash windows

Where else can I find you?

The best way to find us is always just to call or email in with any enquiries you have. Our team will be able to quickly answer any questions or arrange a free site quotation for you.

Please read through our website and our blog for more details on our excellent service. Our sash windows company predominately serves the Brighton area, so if you are in this area and need our services reach out!