Checkatrade Sash Windows Brighton

Checkatrade is a great resource to showcase how clients are interacting with your sash window restorations service.

We will be joining soon and wanted to do a writeup about the benefits of Checkatrade and why we think it’s such a good idea.

What is Checkatrade?

Checkatrade is basically Google for tradesman. It’s a search engine for tradesman. All tradesman from plumbers to window renewal companies can sign up to Checkatrade.

Brighton residents that need their windows reforming can search for a tradesman through the search engine that is Checkatrade.

Other key benefits

After completing a job that was created through Checkatrade (the customer finds your account through Checkatrade, calls you then leaves a review after), the customer can leave their review, which then gets put against your company name.

As we’re obsessed with quality, we can’t wait to showcase what our clients say about us on a platform like Checkatrade.

Other companies currently on Checkatrade

We were inspired by other sash window restoration companies in Brighton to get onto Checkatrade. We see a great hub that shows their reviews all in one place on a platform that is generally trusted by the public. Companies that inspired us include:

– Pembroke and Nash

– The Sash Window Man (they have great reviews!)

Why would we list other companies on our website? Well, we know that we aren’t the only good option in the area. We believe in our service and aren’t scared to admit that other companies out there do a good job. We just know that we do a good job too!

sash window surrounded by ivy

Can we compete on price with other companies on Checkatrade?

We believe that our service never has to compete on price. Because our repairs always come out as ‘flawless’, or essentially, looking brand new; there can’t be any competition. Sure, the other companies can also do this, but then there is no competition as our service would be equal.

Our window repair cost is very fair for the number of hours and the finishes we put on our windows.

It takes a full day for us to renovate just one window. We take restoration seriously as that’s why we’re in this business; to restore. Restoring old windows is what we’ve done for over a decade and we love the industry.

We meet all sorts of people in the area and get to exercise our creative and practical minds on a daily basis.

Do you teach people to do what you do?

We’ve played with the idea of making our service even more different by holding seminars for people to learn various window skills.

We like the idea of education and teaching people how these windows are made. The window installation is one thing, but knowing how to come up with an effective reform and renewal on old wood windows is another skill entirely.

A lot of the time, it’s up to the window tradesman’s discretion how the repair is carried out. We would love to teach our techniques and methods that we have perfected over the years. It would be a window manafacturing course.

Well, if you’ve read this, let us know if this is something you’d be interested in doing and we could consider running a window making course that also taught people skills like how to fit a window, or how to go about fixing window brackets.