Double Glazed Sash Windows Brighton

Our sash windows service is all about restoration and quality, and having double glazed windows prevents the quality entirely.

We might not be the very cheapest tradesman out there, but we know for sure we must be one of the highest quality  windows company’s out there.

The two main things people need from us are…

Firstly, Reforms. When you come to us with a reconstruction job that needs completing at your home, we will completely restore your window to the point that it looks brand new.

It’s hard to top looking ‘brand new’.

Secondly, replacements. When creating a window replacement for a client we can usually do two main things. Firstly is creating an exact replica of what they had before, following the strict building laws set in place to retain the heritage of our country’s architecture.

We’ve never had a problem with building regulations as we create replicas with ease. Or, if you aren’t limited by the law, we can make exact specification, bespoke designs for your windows.

What more could you want?

We offer that we’re one of the highest quality out there because there isn’t a lot more that you can do than:

1. Make wooden window repairs for Brighton home owners seem like they’re brand new.


2. Create new replacement windows to strict building regulations, or identical to some other bespoke design.

Of course, in between these two main services are other things we do to ensure quality (like our 20+ point restoration process), but these illustrate our desire for the highest qualities.

This leads us to an important message. We feel that it separates us from other sash windows companies on Checkatrade in Brighton and shows that we have a different level of standards in the way we work.

sash windows in a classy office

We do not install or modify sash windows to be double glazed

What? Why!

Simply put, double glazed sash windows in Brighton or any other area of the country will fail. We touch on this on our homepage.

They will fail because these windows are not designed to hold the extra weight associated with having more glazing between your sashes.

Double glazing didn’t exist when these windows were created hundreds of years ago.

Therefore, in order to modify your single glazed windows to allow for double glazing, we would have to totally change the timber within your window.

This is a problem because a lot of the value of your windows is held within your wood. You can’t get the same kind of wood you could over a hundred years ago.

So once you modify your single glazed windows to be double glazed windows, you won’t really be able to make them single glazed windows again.

The other problem is that we’ve found that double glazed units (DGUs) generally fail within 5 years.

As you read above, we are all about restoration. Something failing within 5 years is not our idea of restoration. Especially when we hope these windows are around for hundreds of years to come. So, for window reforms – our company will not partake in double glazing.

Hopefully you understand our reasonings for not wanting to install new DGUs (they fail quickly, usually within 5 years) and because they destroy the value of your current windows if you’re trying to modify them.