Sash Window Restoration Brighton

Looking for sash window restoration in Brighton?

You’ve found the company that holds restoration and quality at the top of their priority list.

These are the two things that we are most interested in.

Clients come to us with beaten up windows, in need of restoring and we happily oblige.

Or, if you don’t wish to restore, we can also create new bespoke designs for your Brighton sash windows should you want to change the style and appearance.

If your windows are salvable, once restored your window will look like a completely new window. We can take a window that hasn’t been touched for 10 years and make it look like a brand new window with the correct techniques and processes.

We really mean it when we say brand new. Anything less than your old wooden windows looking like they’re completely fresh will not be accepted by us.

Of course, there is the odd exception and there will be a reason that can be identified before we start if that’s the case, but these are the kinds of finishes we go for.

Our Restoration Service

Restoration is important to us. Less skilled craftsman will be happy to simple say that you need a new window installation. We look to salvage your valuable, classic timber that can be found in old windows. Again, restoration is what our service is all about, so we will restore your windows at all cost.

detached house with sash windows

Occasionally, your windows won’t be salvageable

(usually because they have been left for too long without having maintenance work carried out on them), and in this case we will look to replace your windows.

In that case, our expert team use our joinery machinery to create exact replicas of the windows you had before. This is especially important if you are bound by conservation rules where you need to keep the same style of windows.

Everything can be looked at from a restoration standpoint, the glazing, sills, type of wood, casement, the sashes themselves, the type of security you have on your windows.