Wooden Sash Windows Brighton

Wooden sash windows, also known as a ‘double hung’ window, are what we specialise in and have done for over a decade in Brighton.

If you have any wooden windows that need to be seen by our quality restoration service, get in touch with our friendly team.

Get Wooden Windows Today!

We provide a free site survey to get you an accurate quotation for the work you need completing for any window work.

The team holds no bias in the works we complete. We lend our hand to large, comprehensive stately home type jobs with over 20 windows.

Or we’re more than happy to help a local homeowners with some simple maintenance repairs on their wooden windows.

Whatever it is, just get in touch and we can start helping you out from the moment you get in contact!

sash window after a renovation

Types of wooden sash windows we work with:

– Standard wooden, timber windows.

– Casement windows.

– Box sash windows. We get asked if we renovate and repair one of these windows. The box is simply the encasement that your sashes come in. They’re part of our 20+ step process for restoring windows.

– Barn windows. If you have larger windows for something like a barn, our team is excellent at making bespoke window designs made to measure.

– Victorian windows and Victorian casement windows

– Edwardian windows

We’ll work with any century that a window comes from. In fact, the older the window, the more our eyes light up!

We love seeing classic windows that were created hundreds of years ago to fit in with the architecture characteristics of Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian style homes.

We do not work with the following:

– Sash windows UPVC; these are plastic and we only want to work with classic, traditional timber windows.

– We go into further detail on another page of this site explaining why we don’t believe double glazed sash windows fit in with our model of renovation and restoration as a service.

But if you need your wooden windows renewing or even a new set, get in touch with one of our professionals today.