Window Repair Brighton

We will fix and repair your window at a commercial or residential property.

People occasionally find us online and enquire as to whether we can fix car windows. So, we need to start this part by saying: our window service has nothing to do with car glass repairs.

We can’t repair your windshield, your windshield wiper, we can’t fix chips, we can’t repair wiper blades and so on.

Window Repair Specialists

We are window specialists, but these are for homes or commercial properties in Brighton, nothing to do with car windows!

Okay, now we have that off our chests, let’s have a look at our window repair service.

Classic looking sash windows from Brighton

We favour repair and restoration

Our service is really simple. We’ll always try and see if we can repair and restore you windows before suggesting costly repairs.

This is where we’re slightly different to other window companies out there. A surprising majority are happy to suggest replacements at the cost of your windows.

This is a really big problem.

If you didn’t know, if your windows are really old (hundreds of years), the window used for your windows cannot be easily replaced. What happens when something is rare? It goes up in value.

Getting rid of a classic, heritage, character filled window is basically blasphemy. It’s also doing you a massive disservice for two key reasons.

Firstly, you lose your valuable windows. Not many people can boast that their windows are hundreds of years old, restored by experts throughout time.

Secondly, you end up paying for brand new windows to be created and installed. If the window company you choose has anything about them, they should do a good job and therefore charge a decent price.

What could have been a repair for under a thousand is going to cost you over a thousand for a new window installation. You’ve been had in two ways.

This is why we feel it’s important to get multiple quotes (even against ours!) to ensure that you protect your assets, like classic windows.

If you want to see our exact repair and restoration process, look at our sash window repairs process in Brighton which details the 20 part process to restore your windows. It’s comprehensive but doesn’t even include everything we do.

Each window brings it’s own complexities, its own things that need doing to it. We welcome this and are deliberating doing a full breakdown of a window repair process as a case study.

As you can tell, we like writing, especially about windows.

Hiring us

If you want to speak to one of our friendly craftsman, just call our number and we can arrange a free quote at your property. It would be an honour to help you with your window repairs in Brighton!